My first Sicilian adventures!

With tears in my eyes I left home.
I never thought that leaving home for a few months would be that hard.
Thankfully, as soon as I arrived in Palermo, the stress went slowly away.
My first night was already going very well, I directly tasted the benefits that Palermo has to offer.
I experienced the festive life of Palermo in the crowded Vucciria and I ate the best pizza calzone of my life (up till now).
It didn’t took long before I felt comfortable in this big city.
Here is a picture of me doing what I do best (:

The days after my first day were also going very well.
I started to explore Palermo (without Google Maps I would probably still be lost now) and I saw many beautiful places.

I really enjoy the Sicilian ‘aperitive’ and the bars where people stand outside.
You don’t see those kind of events in Belgium.

Here is a picture of me and some of mine Erasmus friends:



Here are some of my favourite pictures that I took in the city centre:

Picture taken on the top of SS. Salvatore – Il Circuito del Sacro (I was shaking and almost crying getting up the stairs because I’m afraid of heights but the view was worth though)



Cattedrale della Santa Vergine Maria Assunta


Piazza Pretoria


Can’t explain how good this tasted, cannolo with chocolate & pistachio filling (yes Sicilian people, I know that this is not a traditional cannolo)


I’m already getting hungry by thinking of those pasta….  Probably one of the best restaurants in town: Ferro di Cavallo



For the people who didn’t knew, I’m not only here to eat and to be a tourist.
My internship started today at the tourist office ‘Visit Palermo’.
So in the next few months I will help the tourists by giving them more information about the city and accommodations.
I’m very excited that I can start to work with this company!
It is still very very very new to me but I’m definitely looking forward to learn!

During this internship I can prove my tourism & leisure management skills that I have learned at PXL Hasselt (I’m kind of feeling proud that I can say this)

Although I’m having a good feeling about this adventure, I still need to get used to it.
I still can’t believe that this will be my life till the first of June.
I hope I will learn Italian as well, I believe that it is the most beautiful language of the world!


I hope you enjoyed my  first blog of me in Palermo.
Stay tuned!



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