Sarah In Palermo Part 2

Fruits & Vegetables

Sicily is not only known for their delicious patisserie, pasta, pizza…
There are so much more culinary food experiences to discover.
The colourful market of Palermo is a good example!
In this market you can find all kind of fruits & vegetables but also all kind of cheeses, olives, fishes…
This market in Palermo is open 7/7 but they are even bigger during the weekends!



Sicilian breakfast before going to the market


Carini is a town that belongs to the province of Palermo.
The buildings are very authentic and the view from the top of the castle is so lovely!
The beaches were breathtaking despite the cloudy weather.


There is a street in Carini, called ‘Sandro Pertini’ were cows are just walking on the street.
I guess that dogs and cats are not the only spieces of animals that are having a good life.

Cow in Carini

Carnival in Sciacca

Forget Rio the Janeiro, Sciacca is the place to be to experience carnival!
Fun music, many colourful outfits, dance music, lovely sceneries…
I’m not a carnival kind of person but this carnival was pretty impressive!
(Sciaccia is not in Palermo)

There were many food stalls with traditional Sicilian sweets and street food.


The streets of Sciacca were crowded with dancing people.
Young and older people were partying with the carnival parade.
It looked like everyone was having fun and that everyday should be celebrated!
That Sicilian people know how to live a good life is not a lie.


Sciacca looked very pretty itself…



Shoes & tattoo’s

I thought that I was well prepared to go on my internship in Sicily but apparently I was not.
It is raining alot and I hadn’t decent shoes with me to walk through the rain.
So I went for shoe shopping with my friend Gertruda. (I was not making an excuse to shop )
There were so many lovely shoes in Via Maqueda and via Ruggero Settimo that we couldn’t decide which pair to buy!
Of course, we always need to stop for a ‘little’ snack.

2018-02-09 03.54.51 1.jpg

But me and Gertruda are not only a big fan of shoes… We also went for tattoo shopping 😊
We can recommend you: Medusa Tattoo & The Good Fellas.
Very cool places!



I hope you enjoyed my blog post!
Stay tuned for the next ones 😊




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