+/− 13 degrees & a lot of rain


Although Palermo is not all sunshine and paradise now, there are quite many places worth to go to.
I discovered a few places that definitely ask to be photographed.
Of course I discovered new food options as well.


Museum Riso – modern art
The walls at the ceiling make me think about ‘walking down the rabbit hole’ of Alice in Wonderland.

When the sun comes out in Palermo.


My weekly portion of chocolate at Cioccolateria Lorenzo.



Interior at Café Internationale.

Eating my first ‘panelle’.
Before me and my roommate went home this night, we stopped in a Moroccan place to get more food.
I’m a little bit afraid that my clothes won’t fit me anymore in the next month.

Girls don’t only buy shoes, clothes and make-up in a shoppingcenter…..


I just had to try a freakshake! This was sooo good!
I had this one in the shoppingcenter Forum.
But maybe I didn’t had to eat pizza and chips 5 minutes before trying this…
Not a weekly option but everybody should try a freakshake at least one time in their life!



Traditional music performance in the streets of Vucciria.
They performed with the traditional puppets as well.


Friday night with my roommate in a bar in Vucciria.
Always fun with her!


A beautiful apartment that I visited with my work in Trapani! (not in Palermo)
Defenitely worth a picture!


Probably every tourist that visit Palermo will have a picture of this on his phone 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
Stay tuned for the next ones!





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