How to enjoy Sicily

Solo trip to Taormina and Catania

What to do on Easter weekend?
My impulsive soul told me to go on a trip by my own to places I had never seen.
So that is what I did!
I already visited a lot places at the west coast of Sicily but the east coast was totally unknown for me.

With the train I departed from Palermo to Taormina.
I pass the night in Hostel Taormina which looks very cool!
I can recommend this hostel to all of you especially to the people who are travelling alone.





Even the garden of this hostel looked very beautiful.





It was already dark when I arrived in Taormina but I could already see that the centre is so pretty!
The nightlife of Taormina is not left behind either.
There are some very fancy bars but alternative people can find their taste here as well.

Taormina by night.png

Blue moon.png
Without knowing I was photographing the blue moon which is very rare because a calander year only embraces two Blue Moons if there are 13 full moons in one calendar year.

Walking down the centre of Taormina brought me back to life…
Every corner of the city looked so beautiful.
The pastel colours of the buildings were very pretty and there are many places to have a gelato or other delicacies.





Breakfast Taormina.png
Breakfast in Taormina





One of the most famous attractions of Taormina is with no doubt the Greek Theatre.
Since it was the first Sunday of the month, the entrance was free.
This Greek Theatre is very special because of the natural setting, with a splendid view toward the Calabrian Coast, the Ionian coast and the spectacular cone of Etna.





If you’re fortunate enough to be in Taormina, no visit there is complete without granita and brioche at the Bam Bar!
Even some famous people came in the past here to enjoy the wonderful granitas!

Granita Taormina

I decided to go to relax on the nearest beach of Taormina during my short stay.
I went with the cable car down to Mazzarò.
This beautiful small beach, is perfect to take a break and relax.


Up to Catania with the bus from Taormina!
I must admit that arriving in this city was little bit shocking.
From the small picturesque town of Taormina, to the big dark baroque city of Catania!
During my stay in Catania, I overnight in Ostello degli Elefanti.





Catania wine
Etna Wine, absolutely must try for every wine lover

However this city is pretty impressive!
The Giardino Bellini was very pretty.



There are many things to do in Catania but because I had only one day, I visited the place that I would probably like the most: a charming seaside town.
With a hop-on hop-off bus, I went to visit Acicastello and Acitrezza.

Aci Trezza

Acicastello is located in a serene environment.
The dark Norman lava castle is located on an excellent rock near a fishing village.
It maintains a unique charm with its clear waters of the sea heaving themselves onto ridges of lava stone.





By walk I went to Acitrezza.
Acitrezza, is a village of Acicastello, it is a small, very charming fishing village. The landscape is dominated by the 8 faraglioni (volcanic stacks), and lava cliffs that where formed before Etna.
The buildings in the village were not left behind either.

Aci Castello Centre.png

Gelato Pistachio my all time favorite

Unfortunately my Easter weekend only counted 2,5 days.
I went back to Palermo by bus (I should had order my bus ticket online because the first bus was fully booked).
Travelling alone is not only a reason to enjoy your freedom, it is also a way to challenge yourself to gain confidence.
Moreover you will meet new people easily and you can do what you want without waiting around for others.
However it would have been useful if somebody had told me to put some sunscreen on, my face looks like a tomato now :p

This was really an Easter holiday trip that I will never forget!


Stay tuned for my next blog posts!


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