Back to the 3rd century and the white rocks

Already 3 months passed for me here in Sicily.
But I still didn’t had the change to discover everything.
Thankfully I had the change this week to go to Agrigento and discover the beauty of this city.

There is a good train connection from Palermo to Agrigento.
Already from the central station of Agrigento, you will be amazed by the beautiful view of this city.
Because of the mountainous location you will have a perfect view to the sea.
But you will also need to walk a lot on these hills so be prepared for a tiring excursion.
The duration of my trip in Agrigento was 1,5 days.


But than the super star of Agrigento: Valle dei Templi

Valle dei templi.png

The Valle dei Templi is an archaeological site in Agrigento.
The 1300-hectare park, in the south of Agrigento, is split into eastern and western zones.
The Valley of the Temples is certainly the most important testimony of the ancient, classical culture of Sicily.
The temple of Concordia, my favourite of this site, is among the best preserved temples.
Fun fact: The name Concordia comes from a Latin inscription found near the temple itself.

Valle dei templi 3.png

In the centre of Agrigento you will find a lot of restaurants and some nice shops.

Agrigento Center.png

To get to the natural wonder ‘Scala Dei Turchi’ with the public transport is not a piece of cake.
There is no bus connection that goes to Scala Dei Turchi itself.
To reach the big white cliff, you will have to take the bus to Realmonte.
Ones you arrive in the small centre of Realmonte (which is not clear signed) you will have to walk to this attraction.
The walk to Scala dei Turchi will take about 40 minutes.
This walk is not so easy either because there is no pedestrian path.
To go back to Realmonte is even worse because the rout will go up the hill.
On my way back I took a Cambretta which is a very fun experience to drive in and is also very cheap.

Just to be clear, I did not drive

But now the most important thing: Scala Dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi.png

Arriving at the beach of this natural beauty was wonderful.
The white cliff is amazing, it almost look like snow.
Unfortunately I could not climb on the cliff because there where rocks falling down.
I was a little bit disappointed and I was thinking If it was worth to pay a fine of €1000 if I would climbed it anyway :p
Thankfully the nice beach bar made my day well.

Scala dei Turchi 2.png

Of course I treated myself well with good (high caloric) food.




I don’t have much time left in Sicily.
It’s really sad that my internship is almost over.
I hope my last month here will be the best one with full fun and joy.
But I try to stay positve, there is much more adventure in front of me 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.
Stay tuned for the next ones!



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