Hidden beauty

We all now the most beautiful touristic places in Sicily: Taormina, Cefalù, Agrigento,…
But what most of you don’t know is that Sicily has so much more to offer.
Terrasini for example is a beautiful little village full of nature and splendid beaches.
Due my internship at tourist office Micro, I had the opportunity to visit this village.
Nature and sunset lovers, put Terrasini on your bucket list, you will not regret it!

Love in Terrasini
Only Love in Terrasini

Less than 50-minute drive from Palermo downtown, you will arrive by car or bus in Terrasini.
Me, my colleague Sara and her friend Tom went there by bus.
This village has a small cosy centre where you can relax, take a drink and eat typical Sicilian food.
So this is what we did directly when we arrived!
After our gelato we went to the beach to enjoy the sun.

Brioche con gelato, pistacchio e nocciole my all time favorite flavours!

There are many rocky beaches in Terrasini where you can enjoy the beautiful nature.
But maybe the most important thing to know; there is a natural reserve named the Capo Rama.
This nature reserve is managed by WWF and has a rich Mediterranean vegetation.
By following the coast or walking through the city centre, you will reach this unique nature.




The nature reserve is located next to the Cala Rossa which is a creek with red coloured rocks.

Cala Rossa
Cala Rossa – Copy right Dominic House


But of course me and Sara had to work as well.
We checked the new apartments that our company offers and started to write the handbooks for the guests.

Blue house details
Detail of the little blue house – Now offered by Visit Palermo/ Wonderful Italy group

But we also discovered the village so we can recommend this beautiful, relaxing destination to our future visitors.

Terrasini centre
Me in front of the church of Terrasini centre

Bar/restaurant Ouh là là spoiled us with delicious Sicilian/French inspired food.
The aperitivo and cocktails are extraordinary here.

Aperitivo Ouh là là
This aperitivo was amazing!

We enjoyed the beach next to the port.
This is a small sandy beach near to a beach bar.
I was very lucky, the beach became a bit pink after a while, this is the second time I see a pink beach in Sicily 🙂




We made also some friends on the street 🙂

Cow on the street.png
This made us think a little bit of India
“It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream”


I hope you enjoyed my blog post and that you will visit Terrasini if you have the opportunity!
Stay tuned for the next ones!

xx Sarah

Me at the beach.png

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