Favignana Island

Favignana is a beautiful island lying near to the coast of Trapani.
I had the opportunity to travel to this island with two colleagues of MICRO.
On this island we had to check and create manuals for the guests of the new holiday villa.
But we enjoyed our time on this island as well.
The crystalline azure waters we magical!

Cala Rossa.png

The location of the villa that we had to observe was in the middle of a quiet landscape.
Except of one very good restaurant, there were no hotels, shops, bars,… in the neighbour.
The location of this villa gave us an exceptional relaxed feeling.
The nature around this house was very beautiful.
When we arrived, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset with a bottle of wine.
This was with no doubt one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen.

Even better on the rooftop


Favignana is famous for its tuna fisheries.
So tuna is what we ordered at the restaurant ‘Bar, Restaurante Cavallo’.
The tuna that we ate here was wonderful!


Near our villa, there is the ‘Cala Rossa’.
This is a rocky beach with clear azure waters.
There is no sandy beach in this area and the rocks are quite high.
You need to be a good swimmer to manage to swim here.
But the view can be enjoyed by everybody!

Cala Rossa view.png

Fun fact: The island has a rich history, Arab and Norman people left their marks in the town of Favignana.

Unfortunately I had only one day to see this island.
I wish I could relax on the beach here for a long time and discover much more!

I hope you enjoy my blog post about my short trip!
Stay tuned for the next ones!

Watching the sunset.png



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