All good things come to an end

‘An experience I will never forget.’
This is the most cliché answer but the only the answer I can think of.

Four months living in another place, another country, other people, new friends, new job,…
At the beginning of the journey it may look like a long time.
I thought that I had time forever and that I had time to do whatever I want.
But the truth is that the time never went so fast like these four months.

We all know that the times goes too fast.
But still we do not enjoy and appreciate all the good things that happens to us.
When we are working, we hope that the time goes faster.
In the beginning of the week, we want that the weekend comes fast.
The lack of time that we have should be more appreciated.
We should think more often about those small precious moments of our lives.
And that’s the most important thing that this internship has taught me.

What else can I tell about my internship in Palermo?
The city taught me that I could easily feel like home in another place.
Not being there right now still breaks my heart a little bit.
It is a very particular city with many opportunities.
It has its charm and qualities for sure.

Meeting new people in an internship (in an other country than your home town) is definitely fun.
But the sensitives should be aware that going back home is very hard.
You create connections with people around you.
With some people this connection can be very strong.

Furthermore this city had let me enjoy a lot of delicious flavours that I can’t describe in to words.
I gain weight for sure but it was totally worth it.
Waking up everyday in one of the uncountable small little typical streets, will forever be one of the best memories of Palermo.
Even though the mothers of the apartments woke me up every morning ‘yelling’ to their childern.
I just love the small things in life that make me realise that I’am alive.
Those are the moments that make me realise that they will be the most beautiful moments of my life.

This experience will forever be one of the bravest achievement that I have ever done.
After almost three weeks I still can’t believe that it is over.
But I’im sure that I will travel to Sicily again.
I will carry these beautiful moments that I had made forever in my heart.




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