Good reasons to visit Lisbon

The first reason why I visited Lisbon for the second time is because of my best friend who recently moved there.
Having a best friend living abroad definitely has its benefits.
Thanks to Ryanair I bought a retour ticket for only €50.




Lisbon is a big city but thanks to the metro there is a good connection to move in between all the parts of the city.
In the month of June there is a big event going on in Lisbon: Lisbon Sardine Festival
Every year, from June 12-14, Lisbon honors St. Anthony of Padua, its most revered Patron Saint, with a festival and holiday.
But during the whole month festive events are located in the whole city.
The streets are beautifully decorated and you can hear local music everywhere.
I was lucky to attend!


Unfortunately I got sick when I arrived so the first days in Lisbon where very bad.
I had terribly pain in stomach and I went to the hospital a few times (normal medicine didn’t helped I had to take antibiotics)
But I’m never too sick to go shopping!
There are so many shopping centres in this city, I don’t remember in which ones I went but they are all pretty cool.
In the Baixa district there are shopping boulevards as well.
This district is also great to taste the lively atmosphere of Lisbon.


In the Baixa district I found a few second-hand shops that are selling cute clothes.
I love flea markets so I gave those shops a try.

Flea market
I found this pretty yellow skirt for only 4,50! Summer proof ready 🙂


Alfama is one of the beautiful areas that I have seen.
The houses here are so colourful and in some parts there is a view to the sea.

I spend one of my last day in Lisbon with a photographer who also became a friend.
We took a lot pictures around the city and discovered a few cool places.
One of those cool places is LX Factory.
This is an industrial complex with a lot of bars, restaurants and shops for alternative people.
Factory.pngThe rooftop bar gives you a magnificent view of the city.
It is a very nice place to sit, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


A ‘normal’ sink to wash your hands in the bathroom of the rooftop bar. 


I’m still living by the moto: ‘An Aperol a day keeps the doctor away’
This made me think…
People in 2018 be like:

I’m a big fan of high carbs food so here we go:

Burger with advocado and typical Portuguese chips. One of the best burgers that I ate in my life!
A big Churro with stuffed with Kinder Bueno chocolate… No words needed.

What I like the most of Lisbon is that it has not only a city centre but the beach is very nearby as well!
With the train, metro, bus or taxi you can reach one of the beaches that are located near the centre.
The water is very very very cold in Portugal but it is also very clean and quiet to just relax and chill.

Beach side.png

But the weather can also be very rainy in Lisbon.

The landscape in Lisbon is very hilly.
For this reason the views of the rooftops are pretty amazing.

Night view
The view of my friend’s apartment is not left behind either.

But there are so many things to see and do in this city.
There is always something to do and something to discover.
Here are some more pictures that I want to share with you:

‘Little’ flag that I encountered while walking in a park.
Cosy spot to have a drink or just relax.
A big comic shop.
Another view
An abandoned restaurant that turned into a city view spot.
A beautiful sunset spot.

I didn’t had the change to visit everything but this will not be my last travel to Lisbon!
Stay tuned for my next blog posts!


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