The alternative side of Tenerife

Tenerife is an island full of surprises and if you’re not afraid to venture out the big resorts in the south, you’ll discover there’s always something new to do or see.

This island is a blend of Spanish and south American with a drizzle of African influences.
Whether you’re looking for hikes, vibrant nightlife, marine animals, beaches and mountains there’s something here for you.

Besides you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get to know Tenerife.
A lot of activities are for free, the restaurants are very cheap and most of them has a high food quality. My retour flight ticket costed €95 from the airport of Eindhoven in February (Hurray Ryanair!)

You can go from winter to spring in a 4,5 hour flight (from the Netherlands).
The temperatures in February were between 20 – 34 degrees.
The temperature depends on the time of the day and location of the island: The south has a warmer temperature than the north!
Although the travel time from the north to the south is not more than 1,5 hours: small island with many opportunities!

Tenerife 36

With this blog I will describe all the activities that I did because Tenerife is an island with much more opportunities than you think!

Tenerife 14.png

Day 1:

I travelled to the airport of Tenerife south and I stayed overnight in the small village ‘El Medano’ for a whole week. This a is a quiet surf and fishing village with a few local restaurants. This village has a particular inhabitant: many surfers and hippies are living here. This place has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The beaches are nice to relax and nearby is the Montana Roja which is actually a unactive volcano. More information about my hiking experiences on this mountain follows at day 4.

Tenerife 4.png
Café el Médano
Tenerife 3.png
Spanish Fast-Food Chain: 100 Montaditos in El Medano

Day 2:

  • Bajamar natural swimming pool

Bajamar is located in the north-east of Tenerife. This natural swimming pool is man-made but looks pretty cool! There is also a golden sand beach nearby.

Tenerife 22.png
Tenerife 15.png
  • Lunching in local restaurant in Bajamar

There are many local restaurants in this village, the quality is pretty good and fresh fish guaranteed.

  • Hiking in the Anaga Mountain

The Anaga Mountains are a particularly beautiful destination located on Tenerife’s northernmost tip. The Anaga Rural Park is filled with sights you’d swear were in the Amazon or the Andes if you didn’t know better. The hiking tour is quite long, I didn’t do the whole track but you do it if you have the chance!

  • Walking around in the capital city of Tenerife ‘Santa Cruz’

In the afternoon I walked in the capital of Tenerife: Santa Cruz. This is a modern city but with my opinion not very special.

Fun fact: The contemporary Auditorio de Tenerife is often compared to the Sydney Opera House and looks similar to the museum of Science and Arts of Valencia.

The contemporary Auditorio de Tenerife
The contemporary Auditorio de Tenerife (Google images)
  • Los Christianos

Los Christianos is a town in the south of Tenerife. This is without a doubt one of the most popular places on the island. The town is home to a wide selection of shops, bars, restaurants, clubs and attractions. (In my opinion the less attractive town but nice to see it once)

Tenerife 29.png
Hard Rock Cafe in Los Christianos

Day 3:

  • Beaches of “Adeje”

Adeje is a very touristic place and has many big hotels and apartments. It is located in the south of Tenerife and has warmer temperatures than the north of the island (which is bizarre because it is a very small island). The beaches of Adeje are often black sanded beaches. Enramada is a famous beach but in fact they all look the same in this area.

Tenerife 34

  • Lunching in “La Caleta”

La Caleta is a picturesque fishing area village and the food and view are wonderful here! I went to the tapas restaurant ‘El Cadero’. The food is lovely and the staff very friendly! I suggest everyone in holiday on Tenerife to go there 😊

Tenerife 12.png
“El Cadero”
  • Cueva “El Tacon” – Natural swimming pool near Los Gigantes

    Tenerife 11
    The view of Los Gigantes

This cave is one of the hidden secrets of the north in Tenerife. The natural swimming pool looks more natural than the one of Bajamar but is quite dangerous because of the many rocks that are not easy to walk on.

Tenerife 28
El Tacon – Natural swimming pools


Day 4:

  • The arch ‘Arco Tajao’

This is also a hidden secret in the south of Tenerife. To arrive here you have to park on the big parking of Tajoa where you will see a food truck. When you have park there or when you arrived by feet, you have the walk down the rocks where you will find the breath-taking arch.

Tenerife 6.png

Tenerife 37

  • “Playa Montana Roja”

This beach is rugged and rocky although it is quite stunning with an unusual red beach. Don’t mind if you forget your swimwear, it’s also a naturists beach 😊

  • Hiking on “Montana Roja”

The hiking tour on this mountain (which is actually also a volcano) is very easy. The panoramic view is very peaceful and relaxing.

Tenerife 19.png

  • Diner in a local fish restaurant in Tajao “Restaurante Mero Panche”

For delicious tasty fish you need to be in Tajao. This minuscule fishing village in the south of Tenerife offers you the best quality fish in a traditional style.

Day 5:

  • The little village ‘Masca’

Masca is a picturesque village in the north in the mountains of Los Gigantes. I was soo exited to visit this one! It looked lovely on the pictures & it was in reality! ( bear in mind that it is possible that the hiking route is closed, although there are multiple hiking tours in this area)

Tenerife 31Tenerife 32Tenerife 33

  • Natural swimming pools of Lago Martianez

Unfortunately the saltwater swimming pools were closed because of the storm that passed a few weeks before.

  • Puerto De La Cruz

This is a touristic city (in the north) with many shops and restaurants. Beach ”Le Jardin” is very nice and has a lot of palm trees (this is also a black sandy beach). I really liked the atmosphere of this city.


Day 6

  • El Teide National park

This Unesco World Hertitage site comprises a 10-mile-wide volcanic crater. The mount Teide volcano rises to 3,718m above sea level, making it Spain’s highest peak.

The national park look like the Death Valley of California. There are many places to stop and to enjoy the landscape. Bear in mind that it is very cold on the El Teide and National Park!

Tenerife 35

Tenerife 27.png

Unfortunately the hiking tour on the volcano was cancelled because it was too windy. We were offered an alternative hiking tour but this didn’t look interesting. So we didn’t do the tour but we were also not offered our money back by organisation (not so kind!)

Day 7

On day 6 my wallet got lost or stolen with inside my ID, bankcard,… After reporting this to the police, I had to go back to Santa Cruz to the Belgian embassy for my temporary ID. Thankfully it was very easy to make one!

My last diner of this trip was in Tajao in the restaurant “Agua y Sal”. Without exaggerating, this was one of the best diners I ever had! You can even choose your own fish or seafood at the bar and how you would like it to be cooked.

Tenerife 5
One of the best pasta’s that I ate in my life!!

I hope you liked my blog post.
Stay tuned for the next ones!


Tenerife 23

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