Hotspots in Berlin

Berlin is a cool city with a lot of bars, nightlife, restaurants, shopping centers…
But also a lot of cultural activities with example “The Museum Island”, this is an ensemble of five museums.

This was the second time that I traveled to Berlin. This time I went with friend Rael from Switzerland whom I met during my internship in Palermo.

Berlin 12

Berlin is a big city so I will name the districts of the places where I have been. My travel tips:

Cat’s Pajama Hostel

2019-03-14 07.23.50 1.jpg
In the hallway of ‘Cat’s Pajamas Hostel’

A hostel is a very good alternative for a hotel. You save money and you have the chance to meet people from all over the world! Cat’s Pajamas Hostel has a very good atmosphere and is located in front of the Hermannsplatz which is located in the area of Kreuzkölln.


2019-03-13 08.55.54 2.jpg
Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of this bar

Kreuzkölln is the district of Berlin between Kreuzberg and Neuköln and is new, up-and-coming neighborhood in Berlin. There are many cultural restaurants and cool bars.

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Vater’s Bar

Vater’s Bar is an example of a good bar in this district. They have a lot of good cocktails!

Berlin 1.jpg
Madame Claude Bar

‘Madame Claude’ is a bar located in a former brothel in Kreuzberg. Built as an upside down apartment. The place host concerts, DJ’s and events every night!

Breakfast in Bastard

Berlin 8
Breakfast in bar ‘Bastard’

‘Bastard’ is a very cosy and small bar where you can have a delicious breakfast with home made bread! This place is located in Kreuzberg.

Real Sicilian gelato

Berlin 19
Duo – Sicilian Icecream

After 4 months eating gelato in Sicily I can definitely tell you that this gelato in Berlin tastes the same! Home made ice cream, milkshakes, cakes… Place to be in Kreuzberg!

Berlinburger International

Berlin 24
Berlin Burger International

Where did you ate the best burger of your life? In Berlin Burger International of course! This burger restaurant is located in the heart of Neukölln.
This is a very compact (only a few places to sit) but very hip burger bar with exposed brickwork & home-made food. The sweet potato fries where so good and everything tastes so fresh!

Neapolitan pizza

Berlin 20
Pizzeria Monella

‘Pizzeria Monella’ is very cosy with tasty and quality products. They have neapolitan style pizza’s and there is a bar in front of it where you can have a drink and order a pizza 🙂 This place is located in Neukölln.

The museum island

Berlin 21
Neues Museum (yes sometimes we did something differently than eating and drinking)

The ‘Neuses Museum’ is located in the Museum Island in Mitte where 5 different museums find place. The museums are devoted to archaeology & art. Bare in mind that there are long queue lines especially in front of the ‘Pergamon Museum’.
Fact: The Museum Island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

Berlin 26.jpg
Impressive building of the Pergamon Museum

Pick & Weight vintage shop

Berlin 14.jpg
Pick & Weight – vintage store kilo

Pick & Weight is based on the idea of selling unique vintage clothes by the kilo that is near Alexanderplatz in Mitte. There have been established vintage stores also in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Different brands, new fashion, designer pieces and accessories are offered. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed.

Berlin 5
Not sure about those glasses

Urban Spree

Berlin 11
Urban Spree – Indie/Rock concert


‘Urban Spree’ is an artistic space focused on urban art exhibitions. We went there to see a music band.

Berlin 33
Urban Spree – filming the tequila cloud (picture of the first time that I went to Urban Spree 2 years ago)

Last time we were so lucky because there was a free ‘tequila cloud’ in the Urban Spree. This was a tap where tequila came out. They even filmed us to make a promo-video at the party at night 🙂

Pictures that I have from last time:

Berlin 25
The cool mirror of the toilets in Urban Spree 🙂

Markthalle Neun

Berlin 7.jpg
Markhalle Neun

‘Markthalle Neun’ is such a beautiful place! This is a historical market between scene bars in Kreuzberg’s Eisenbahnstraße. There are many kinds of fresh food and drinks that you can try here and they all look so delicious!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Stay tuned for the next ones 🙂

PS: Don’t forget rain-protection!

Berlin 23

Auf wiedersehen!

Berlin 6.jpg

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