Benefits of a short vacation

Pictures of this blog are taken during my last short break in Malta🌞

Vacations are good for your mental, physical and emotional health. If you need to be more convinced why to plan holidays more frequently, keep reading.

1.Mini-breaks can have happy memories. It makes you appreciate your time away from the office.

2. Another benefit of taking a short break is that you can see more places each year. It allows you to explore more destinations.

3. Short breaks can be cheaper than long holidays because you’re paying for less nights. Ryanair is always there for you to sell you cheap flights (hurray).

4. Planning a long vacation can be a headache. Working on annual leave, social and family commitments. Short breaks on the contrary, means you don’t need to do this. You can simply pack your bags and go.

5. It’s easier to completely switch off. You can switch your phone off for a few days without the need to check your mails.

6. Short breaks makes you more creative. When we distance ourselfs from our current situation, we get the chance to breath and brainstorm about new ideas.

7. Short breaks will make you appreciate your time off. You will also plan your time better at the destination.

8. You can enjoy your cheat meals, cocktails, wine,… even more! Because there will only be a few days that you can cheat 🙂

New experiences and adventures are challenging and refreshing for your brain. Enough reasons to book a short vacation 🌴

I hope you enjoyed my blogpost. Stay tuned for my next posts! ❤

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  1. Thank you for following my blog!


  2. Getting out of the city grind even for just a few hours can be a refreshing vacation.


  3. tiostib says:

    Best wishes on your travels, keep adventuring!


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