Time out in Switzerland

On Friday night, I traveled with Easy Jet to Basel to visit my dear friend Rael

Rael and I were roommates in Palermo

We made a short road trip in Sicily

In February we met for a few days in Berlin

and now I visited Rael in her hometown Basel

On Saturday, Rael gave me a short tour in Basel, we walk through the shopping and we crossed the Rhine with a boat.

Rael told me that during summer people swim in the Rhine. You can put your dry clothes in a bag and take them with you as you are swimming downstream.

In the afternoon, we went by train to Zürich.

From the train, I could see from afar the mountains with snow :p

We ate a Palestinian chicken kebab in a park in Zürich which tasted very good. The kebab was filled with a sesame sauce and mint.

In the park we met with a friend of Rael, the vibe was very nice and the weather was just perfect!

In the evening we went for an aperitivo in a bar (as we are used to do in Palermo :p)

After the aperitivo, we went to eat tacos in a Mexican restaurant ‘La Taqueria’. The interior in that restaurant is so cute and the food was delicious!

After diner, we went to a few bars to have some drinks.

Rael also showed me ‘Frau Gerolds Garten’, this is an urban island of greenery in the heart of trendy Zurich-West. There is an alternative bar where you can enjoy the music and have a drink.

On Sunday morning, we had a brunch in ‘Tibits’ which is a vegetarian buffet restaurant in Zürich. The pricing is dons by weight of food on a plate. The food tasted so fresh and sooo delicious!

After brunch, we stopped by the Lake of Zürich. This was the most beautiful spot that I saw in Switzerland. There were swans in the lake and the view gave me a relaxed feeling.

In the afternoon, we went back to Basel. The weather was nice; we went to a park to chill out and to sunbath. It really felt like summer

After chilling in the park, we went chilling at Rael’s place where we drank prosecco and Rael cooked pasta with fresh pesto. I met another friend of Rael and we ate many chocolate desserts 😀

This was a perfect Sunday to close my trip in Switzerland.
Me and Rael enjoyed the last days of summer (in autumn) perfectly!
The vibe was good, the food was delicious, we laught a lot and it was very fun!
Hopefully I will see her soon again 😀

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  1. Mounzer says:

    Finally, amazing with the moon


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