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I was very exited when I saw a layover to Sal on my flight schedule. It was the first time for me to travel to the Cape Verde Islands. The hotel where we had to stay to get our rest was the Melia Llana Beach Resort.

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Climate on the Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde is a marine extension of the Sahara. Temperature variation on the islands is small, it remains between 22° and 27° throughout the year. In the desert centre it can reach 40° between July and September (The Bradt Travel Guide)



The Marine turtles are some of the most important species on the island. Unfortunaly I did not had the change yet to see them.

Visitors can support the Project Biodiversity to safe the turtles on Sal. You can even adopt a turtle and donate if you wish (The Bradt Travel Guide)

Highlights of Sal

Sal is a top windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing destination. It also offers good diving and fishing activities.

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Impressing natural events ( that I still have to visit 🙂 ) :

  1. The volcano crater
  2. Salt lake of Pedra de Lume
  3. The foaming lagoon
  4. Blue Eye at Buracona

Santa Maria Bay

The little town of Sal has 3km of white sandy beach. There are a lot of good fish restaurants and a lot of colourful houses.

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I had such a nice time in Sal! Most of the time I was just relaxing and enjoying my time in the sun..  But I’m feeling blessed that I get the opportunity to see new places because of my job.


Can ‘t wait to be in Sal again and to tell you more about it!


Hope you liked my blog! Stay tuned for the next ones ❤

Xxx Sarah

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  1. Mounzer says:

    Nice places


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