6 misconcenption about being a flight attendant

Since I’m working as a flight attendant I get a lot of different reactions and opinions from people which I did not get when I was practising my “regular 9 to 5 job”. So with this blog post I want to share the most common, untrue and funny reactions. Have fun reading!

1. “You are always on vacation”

(I wish this was true) I think this is the most common reaction from people and also the most incorrect one because we actually work very hard. On our regular working day we are busy with serving people and we take care of the safety rules. Also we don ‘t have layovers all the time, most of the time we just go back home after our dutie.

2. “Your job is all about glitter and glamour”

Another misconception. Yes we always have to look nice and we can ‘t show up in casual clothes. But on our duties we always have our hands full of work. And we are also responsible for the tidiness on board, which is unfortunately not always evident.

3. “Can you arrange cheap flight tickets?”

I’m not in de position to arrange that for you. You will have to buy your flight ticket just like me and everybody else.

4. “Being a flight attendant must always have been your dream”

I always had an admiring for flight attendants when I was flying on vacations. But I never really understound what the job really contained. It is more than serving people and smiling all the time while ‘traveling’. The safety procedures are very important and we have a lot of responsibilities. I’m really very grateful that I can practise this job. But I would not name this as my dream job since I would like to broad my interest more in tourism.

5. “Are you dating a pilot?”

I always laugh when someone brings up the pilot subject. Just to be clear I don ‘t choose a date based on someone’s career. I also think that there are much more attractive uniforms than a pilots uniform (If you ‘re basing your reaction on the uniform)

6. “Are you not scared to crash? “

No I’m not scared to crash. I also never think about it while working. (I’m more afraid of falling out of the aeroplane when opening the door without stairs)

I hope you liked my blog post. Stay tuned for the next one’s ! Xxx Sarah

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin says:

    very good writing on the misconception of being a flight attendant! The only difference of being a male flight attendant is that I would not date a pilot…


    1. Sarah Georgopalis says:

      Not even a female pilot? 😜


      1. Kevin says:

        😁😁Female pilot are very hard to find


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