Spring 2020

Days are getting longer and warmer, the smell of flowers, the sound of birds,… Spring is finally here! My favorite season of the year 🌸

Due to the Corona Virus my travel plans to go to the Amalfi Coast in spring have been cancelled.

Thankfully there are a lot of beautiful spots near my hometown too.

*Spring in Belgium, Limburg*

I don’t want to write anything about the Corona Virus. With this blog post I just want to send some positive vibes and I want to inspire you to just relax and to search for the beautiful places around you.

Even thunder and rain does’t stop me to go outside and enjoy the beautiful nature.

I’m a big fan of reading books. Inner Engineering of Sadghuru is one of my favorites.

Some quotes that I think are very ‘catchy’ of Sadghuru:

*Realize that you are responsible for all that you are and all that you are not, all that may happen to you and all that may not happen to you*

* Love is not something you do; it is just the way you are*

*What the body needs is not sleep but restfulness*

*Avoiding something is not freedom from it*

I’m teaching myself how to do yoga at home. The ‘headstand’ is not the easiest pose.
My mother is a wonderful cook. Lasagna with veggies is one of my favorite dishes.
I love all kind of healthy food. I made this very easy banana bread.

I’m also teaching myself how to draw.
I’m also buying a lot of flowers and plants to decorate my room since I just painted it 🙂
No filter needed:)
More flowers
I’m a sucker for sunsets
Shisha in my garden

Some pictures of my last photoshoot in nature from a few weeks ago 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and that you are enjoying spring just like me!

Stay tuned for the next one’s xxxx

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